AI-powered talent curation for precision and performance

Harness AI-driven talent curation to seamlessly identify and align top-tier candidates. Dive deep with dynamic algorithms and intuitive dashboards. Curate with precision, elevate your hiring game.

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FairMatch: Unbiased AI-driven resume scoring

Elevate your hiring process with FairMatch, the AI solution that guarantees unbiased and instant relevance scoring for every applicant. Tailored to each job's unique specifications, our platform amplifies recruiter productivity and drastically reduces reaction times. Connect with the ideal candidates faster than ever.

Video Interview

Streamline and bolster the candidate qualification journey with our one-way video feature, designed for candidates to leave a lasting first impression, optimize the vetting process for recruiters, and offer time-saving benefits for those in hiring roles.


Evaluate candidate skills across technical and non-technical roles to get complete confidence in all your hiring decisions. Auto-grading, shortlisting, reporting and more provides you in depth analysis of who you should hire. And AI-proctoring offers 100% confidence in why you should hire.


Verify that candidates possess the necessary active licenses and certifications for each assignment, and promptly obtain updated documentation when needed.