Talent Marketing & Recruitment Solutions

Curately delivers an all-inclusive set of tools tailored for Talent Acquisition teams, facilitating a strategic approach to recruitment marketing. This encompasses dedicated career portals, optimized landing pages, dynamic talent communities, and branded nurture campaigns.

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Amplify job application volume.

Seamlessly attract top-tier candidates by leveraging precision-targeted social media advertisements and programmatic job listings, facilitating distribution across hundreds of job boards with a singular action.

Build and grow dynamic talent communities.

Transform each applicant into a community member with a single click. Revive dormant talent from your ATS into active community members. Foster each relationship for timely engagement.

Refreshed candidate profiles, thriving talent communities

Curately AI regularly enriches and keeps the data up to date. So, you have access to comprehensive profiles that evolve with the candidate.

From updated skills to new experiences, get the full picture every time you review a candidate. Plus, with our integrated notes and history section, you'll always have a detailed record of your past interactions.

Drive your strategy forward with evidence-based decision-making.

Monitor and evaluate each candidate's progression through the funnel to assess the effectiveness of various strategies and refine your methodology.

Provide an exemplary first impression through well-crafted and curated content.

Leverage our intuitive, no-code platform to seamlessly craft exceptional career sites, landing pages, and campaigns, ensuring brand uniformity.