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Generative AI Talent Hiring & Sourcing Platform

Maximize your recruitment efforts with our cutting-edge talent sourcing platform, designed to connect you with top-tier candidates quickly and accurately.

Boost recruiter productivity and streamline your talent acquisition process to meet your hiring objectives efficiently.

Enhance recruitment efficiency with AI.

Curately precisely leverages cutting-edge generative AI technology to streamline the tasks associated with email composition, talent identification, and application evaluation, thereby enhancing the productivity and efficiency of recruiters.

Discover top talent accurately and swiftly.

From 1,000 fresh prospects to 10,000 validated emails and contact numbers, Curately's expansive database, boasting over 265+ million enriched profiles, ensures you're always equipped. Intelligent filters allow for precise talent discovery, providing all essential data at your fingertips. Establish personas to streamline and expedite your sourcing process.

Chrome extension for seamless productivity

Harness the full potential of the Curately platform right at your fingertips with the Curately Chrome Extension.

Amplify your reach to connect with passive talent on a grand scale.

Unleash the power of the "Lazy-But-Efficient" recruiter in you! With Curately, you can zap through candidate outreach on multiple channels while sipping your latte. Boost your recruiter game by 5x (Yes, that's like turning your Monday energy into a Friday feeling).

And for those of us with email-writing phobia? Worry not! Our nifty tool auto-whips up personalized drafts, making every candidate feel like they're the only star in your galaxy.

Swiftly navigate inbound applications and pinpoint top-tier candidates in a flash.

Utilize advanced filters, Boolean search techniques, and highlighted resume criteria to efficiently identify the ideal candidates within your inbound queue. Expedite the selection of qualified applicants by leveraging suggested search filters, specifically tailored to the job description's requirements.

Rely on Curately’s proprietary AI, designed to mitigate biases, to provide an immediate relevance score for each applicant based on the job requisition's specifications.

Turbocharge talent search without query quandaries!

Automated Query Generation: Streamline and optimize your talent search process. Our SaaS product intelligently generates search queries and Boolean strings from job descriptions, eliminating manual input and ensuring precise candidate matches, thereby enhancing recruiter efficiency and accuracy.