High Volume Hiring

Achieve Contact Center, front-line, Field staff and high-volume hiring objectives with 10X greater efficiency through process automation and AI-Assistants.

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From 'Hello' to 'You're hired' efficiently

High Volume Hiring

The continuous recruitment, with no time to rest between classes. Peak seasons, requiring hiring thousands quickly. Balancing the need for speed with maintaining quality. While engaging each candidate personally and making them feel valued is crucial for the company’s success.

Tight Deadlines

Tight deadlines in high-volume hiring often mean minimal lead time or just-in-time recruitment. Teams must balance speed with precision to fill numerous positions swiftly. The challenge is maintaining quality while meeting organizational demands promptly.

Challenge Accepted

By streamlining processes and eliminating time-consuming tasks, Curately provides efficiency needed to tackle any recruitment surge with ease. So, you can focus on what matters most, ensuring every position is filled with the right candidate, on time, every time.

Level up your productivity

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Turbocharged Hiring: From weeks to days!

AI-driven automation that sorts and ranks candidates in real-time.
Integrates seamlessly with existing HR software and job boards.
Customizable workflows tailored to your company's unique hiring process.
Real-time analytics and reporting to monitor hiring efficiency.
Streamlined communication channels for faster decision-making.

Empower Your Recruiters: Focus on the best, forget the rest!

Automation of repetitive tasks such as resume screening and initial outreach.
Intelligent matching algorithms that identify the top candidates for each role.
Integrated scheduling tools for hassle-free interview coordination.
In-depth candidate profiles with AI-generated insights to aid recruiter decision-making.
Easy collaboration and sharing of candidate information within the recruitment team.

Engage & Retain: A candidate experience like never before!

Personalized communication at every step of the hiring process.
Interactive and user-friendly candidate portal for easy application tracking.
AI-driven chatbots for instant candidate queries resolution.
Automated post-offer follow-up and onboarding assistance.
Real-time feedback collection to continuously improve the candidate's experience.