Elevate your talent journey

Empower your TA team to place candidate experience at the forefront of their recruitment efforts. By creating a seamless, engaging, and personalized hiring journey, you'll not only attract top talent but also build a strong employer brand. Achieve higher acceptance rates, foster long-term relationships with potential hires, and set your company apart from the competition.

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AI Chatbot

Guide jobseekers to their perfect position in no time with our AI-fueled chatbot that captures leads, pinpoints ideal opportunities, answers questions, and streamlines both screening and booking 24/7. Boost efficiency for recruiters and applicants alike by focusing on discussions with top-tier candidates, while Curately.AI sorts out the details.

Automated Workflows

Personalized hiring journeys tailored to each role. Quickly set up your system using smart workflows, rules-driven logic filtering, and intuitive drag-and-drop features to ensure candidates swiftly navigate through the funnel.

Intelligent Scheduling

Discover our AI-powered interview scheduling tool: designed to flawlessly align candidate availability with interviewer schedules. With seamless calendar integration, predictive time-slot recommendations, and automated reminders, not only will your hiring process be more efficient, but your candidates will also enjoy a smoother, more respectful experience. Elevate your recruitment by putting candidates first.

Intuitive Application

Candidates can effortlessly apply using a single tap on their mobile devices


A candidate-centric design enhances engagement, minimizes application abandonment, and ensures continuous progression through the recruitment process.