Direct Sourcing & Curations

Access sourcing, talent CRM, talent marketing, talent curation, AI, and analytics all within a single, scalable platform, designed to help you cultivate highly engaged talent communities.

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Experience that candidates love


Attract elite talent via multi-channel recruitment, targeted ads, and robust marketing campaigns. Diversify your talent reach with strategic sourcing from job boards, referrals, and social platforms. Maximize visibility and pull in top candidates with intelligent, outreach amplification.


Utilize AI for precise matching, scoring, and ranking to quickly surface the best candidates. Streamline candidate evaluation with smart assessments and targeted video interviews. Fast-track your hiring with an AI-powered, finely-tuned curation


Captivate candidates with branded content and personalized, impactful messaging. Maintain candidate engagement and brand presence with continuous, tailored communication. Build memorable interactions with a consistent and engaging candidate communication strategy.

Efficiency that curators love

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Efficiency that curators love.

AI-Powered Recruiting Excellence
Unrivaled Database Access
Efficient Candidate Sourcing & Identification
Bias-Free Candidate Assessment
Streamlined Candidate Matching

Effectiveness that CW leaders love.

Short Time-to-Fill
Higher Offer Acceptance Rates
Cost Savings
Improved Quality of Hires
Enhanced Compliance and Risk Management

Experience that candidates love.

Seamless Interaction
Smooth Application Process
Candidate-Centric Approach
Intelligent Interview Scheduling
Automated Workflow Efficiency